Personalisation can be added to all jackets / harness with the exception of the yellow and Orange Hi Vis fabrics. Please only enter a name if you have purchased this option. Alternatively you can purchase an optional reflective strip.

Names can be embroidered onto a plain cotton fabric and in most options this will mean the name is on the reverse side and not the patterned side.

Names of up to 9 Letters are available (but I may be able to do slightly more depending on the size of the jacket.

The size of the font is dependant on the size of the jacket and the length of the name – i.e. the smaller the jacket and the longer the name will mean the font will be smaller and also the larger the jacket and smaller the name will allow larger font

There is a choice of 2 fonts. If you have a preference let me know in the special instructions. similarly if you have a particular thread colour in mind let me know otherwise I will use a colour which contrasts with the reverse patterned side.

Below are a few examples of personalisation. TANZIE and AMBER are done in Gothic font and JASPER and SOPHIE are done in Cheltenham font.  TANZIE on purple is done in Silver Standard  thread, TANZIE on brown is done in Cream/Beige Standard, JASPER is done in Turquoise Standard and Sophie is done in Multi-coloured (Pastels)

2014-11-25 21.03.362014-11-24 10.03.102014-11-24 10.02.47      2014-12-27 23.19.41 JOCKOMO is Orange thread on Black – ROCKO is White on Black – JOSY and MILA is White on Deep Pink (All Gothic font)

2015-02-13 06.59.40  2015-02-11 09.35.23


KHALEESI is Multi coloured Pastel on Black (Cheltenham font)

2015-02-07 13.14.53-1

GEORGE is White thread on Royal Strip across Royal Blue with White Stars and HENRY is Pale Blue Thread on Black Strip across Blue Animal Print (Both Gothic font )- These are just a couple of examples of how personalisation can be put onto patterned fabrics.

2015-01-26 21.28.04 2015-01-26 21.28.28 2015-02-14 10.15.06  2015-02-14 10.15.17Standard thread colours available – Black, White Yellow, Pale Blue, Orange, Cream/ Beige (Right picture)

2015-02-14 10.15.23   2015-02-14 10.15.40

Blue, Lilac, Purple, Silver, Turquoise, Deep Pink  (Left Picture)  – Aqua, Lt Brown, Gold, Lt Pink, Brown, Red  (Right Picture)

2015-02-14 10.15.45  2015-02-14 10.16.41Royal Blue, Rust, Jade Green (Left picture)  –  Multi-Coloured Threads available – Pink Multi, Brown/Gold Multi, Blue Multi, Pastel Multi, Green/Blue/Yellow (Right picture)