About my Cat Walking Jackets / Harnesses

I own 4 bengal cats Jasper & Sophie who are 10 yrs old, and Sapphire & Amber who are almost 10 yrs old. As they are all indoor cats I decided to buy harnesses for them to allow them some freedom and fresh air but also provide them with safety and security from busy roads and other outdoor hazards.

I purchased harnesses on the internet for them and as I have been sewing for over 40 years  I thought that although the idea and design was good, I felt that the quality of stitching and general make up did not meet my expectations and decided that with my experience I was capable of producing a superior quality harness.

I try to pay particular attention to detail to produce a much neater and more professional finish and standard.

All harnesses are handmade to individual size and requirements in order to avoid unnecessary chunks of velcro showing. this way your harness will look better and so will your cat.

I can also personalise them if you wish (See PERSONALISATION).

I currently have a large variety of fabrics and colours to choose from and can make the jackets in a variety of fabric combinations. Just contact me and I can advise you which fabrics would work together, which ones can be personalised etc
Click on the link to the Shop and have a look at the range of fabrics and colours I have available.